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Compactor bags and a truely B.A. Theatre room

June 19, 2008

Just a real quick update:  They put the equivalent ofa trash can liner around the foundation yesterday and then put up all of the insulated boards around the interior of the brick foundation.  So I got that going for me.

On another note, they are building a spec home across the street from us on Westview.  Upstairs they have a bar room which opens into a Theater Room.  And I mean THEATRE!  It has four levels with railings and steps down like stadium seats at Carmike.  Room for a series of three couches and the sign on the wall that says it will have a 100 inch retractable screen to watch movies on.  We are instantly priced out of the neighborhod.  But it is a cool, cool room.  Don’t expect anything like that from us.


What’s a sealed Foundation?

June 16, 2008

Spent the weekend at Beth and Mark’s new house.  its something else.  Everything that we could choose as an upgrade – it already has.  They set the bar pretty high.   After that, I wanted to sneak by our project to see what is up.

The mason’s worked their heinies off last week.  Started at 6 and worked until 1.  It was absolutely the hottest week of the year so far.  But, it looks like they did a great job.  I am amazed at how clean the job site was when I went by there yesterday and took these pictures.

This one is standing by the garage looking back at the laundry room.  The Notch is where the side porch will be later.

This one is looking back at the garage while standing by the master bedroom at the back right hand side of the house.

And this one is of the Garage.  I took it so you could see the brick color the exterior will have:

this week:  insulate the foundation,  wrap it in plastic and put the drains in for under the house>  you can learn more about a sealed foundation here (i’d skip to the conclusions on page 10).  Basically – its hot and humid around here and this helps.

Should be framing next week!  Of course we will be on vacation so I will not get to see it jump out of the ground.

Inspired by Indiana Jones

June 4, 2008

So a new Indiana Jones movie came out. I think I would rather get forced to go to that instead of Sex and the City. Anyway, when I look at these pictures of the footings they are digging, it reminds me of some archaeological dig. The process so far has been to clear the lot, dig a big hole, fill it with sand and now we are digging that sand back out of it. Why I am not a sarcastic contractor. After they dig about an 18 -24 inch hole that will be the boundaries of where the downstairs walls will be and a few piers to support the middle of the rooms, they lay in these spacers that hold or float a series of Rebar (or is it rebarb? Again, not a contractor) and then they will cover all that with Cement or Concrete.

Megan and I went by after Soccer Practice today. we sat at te imaginary breakfast table, took an imaginary nap where the master bedroom will be and knocked on the imaginary front door.

Megan imaginary napping where our Bed will be in he master Bedroom:

Here’s Megan standing in he middle of where the Master Bedroom window will be:

And here she is trying out for a Captain Morgan’s Commercial ( i Love the one about the Pizza and designated Driver)

We also went to Look at Windows (Anderson 400 Series). But it is way more complicated than that because you have to decide on the size of your Grate in between the false Panes (which are called Simulated Divided light). Hardware style and Color, and the Density of the mesh in the screen.

Batter or or Badder Boards

June 4, 2008

I never know which one is correct, but last Friday  We had some.

this is basically the footprint of the house.  The left or garage side:

The right side: