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2nd Story

July 19, 2008

The second story is starting to take shape.  I went over late last afternoon to see what was up before we leave for the beach.  I had to put a ladder up to climb up.  In the rain, that was kinda scary – I was afraid it was going to slip.  Up I went anyway because I am a good little monkey, but always curious.

From the curb

The Room over the garage (looks like an indoor hoops court)

Down the upstairs hall:

Great room from the walkway upstairs:

Entry way from top of the steps.

You can really feel the flow of the rooms now.  I am very happy.  I was concerned that some of the bedrooms upstairs would feel small but now I don’t feel like that at all.  It’s exciting!


That’s a Big Garage

July 14, 2008

We took the family unit over to Ontario Drive Yesterday.  Ava and Wes Fell asleep so we left the AC cranked while we explored the work.  We had a slight set back while we were in NYC last week that stopped the framing.  We had to have the architect go over and look at the framing beams for the second floor above the master Bedroom.  Our Contractor had some heartburn about the fact that the “knee walls” were only gong to be 6 foot high in the Upstairs bedroom, but we decided to let it ride bc the cost of making a change to get two more feet of walls in Megan’s room was not justified.

Here is what we’ve got so far:

Here are some of the photos.  Man is that Garage big, but we have a lot of Bikes to put in it.

This is the Front Entrance way (no front porch yet)

This is the great room:

And here is our landscape architect in to get a lay of the land:

This week we should see the second floor start to form and I expect the windows to arrive the following week.  I bet with the delay this week that we will not finish framing until August now.

Quick Update

July 6, 2008

I picked the girls up in Fredericksburg yesterday and took them over to the house to see the progress.  They had not seen any of the walls or flooring.  We turned the corner and pulled up and Megan Said “that’s small”.  Yea, she is going to be expensive.  Ava said “are they going to paint the steps?”  I tried to explain to her that those were just temporary until they built brick steps and the front porch and she replied “so are they going to paint them?”  One track mind.

The open space is the entry way / stairs.  To the right is the office and the master bedroom is behind that. The center of the photo is the dining room.    Its oriented the opposite way from our current house.  To the left is a walk in Pantry.  left of that is a Porch and probably the way most of you will come into the house.  Left of that is the half bath and then the laundry room.   The wall for the back of the great room is framed just not stood up yet.   I am guessing that they should frame the garage and first floor ceiling (second story floor) this coming week.

Wall – E

July 2, 2008

We came back from the beach on Saturday and our first stop was to check on the house.  The had the floor supports down and it looked like a stage for a concert.  The put the flooring down on Monday and today they put up the walls.  These pictures are of our bathroom and the outside wall of the office

Here is big Wes and Momma Suz checking on the status:

We worked out all the decisions on the windows and the Front doors today.  They will be here in 4 weeks, so  right around Suzy’s B Day.  I expect things to take shape pretty quickly.  They better, we had to sign our life away for our construction loan this week!