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Framing and Roofing

August 29, 2008

Looks like the framers and roofers did not know that everyone is in Charlotte waiting to See ECU walk on Water.  Maybe that is just sour grapes after last night’s throttling of the Pack.  I hope ECU hangs in there to beat those HOKIES so that I can hear all those crazy complaints about how the man conspires to hold ECU down and keep them out of the ACC and the Big East.

Anyway, the framers are working hard on the attic.  As part of that project, they did some work on the ceiling of the entry way.  Here is a shot from the top of the stairs.

They also did some work on the Room over the Garage/ Lola Pops/ Crisp Suite.  Finished up the closets and knee walls.

I met with Harry Pair (no comments about his hairy pair, please) today about doing some speaker wiring so when we are drinking coldies outside by the grill, we can do it with background music.  He should start this week doing that.

And one last surprise:  They were laying shingles on the roof of the garage today!!!!!!!!


This might Rock?

August 27, 2008

Met at the house today to talk about HVAC zones, returns and air vents.  It was pouring down rain and the fella who is managing the HVAC install is a little older gentleman.  We were walking up to the house and he just about ate it in the mud.  Luckily, he caught himself just before he went down.

Anyway, things are moving.  I expressed our excitement with Mr. Tozer about how we love to see three crews here at once and we applaud that he has kept it moving.

I also tried to tell him about a few decisions we had made.  Committed to Cabinets.  Wellborn Savannah in the Kitchen.  The layout is drawn on the floor now so we can get a feel for it. I told him that we really liked the MasterCut Luck Stone for the covering of our fireplace.  Len then said “What color?”   gulp – “Color?  what were the choices?”  So we had to go back to the luck stone site and look.  Basically, there are two (Copper Bay and Clearview Ashlar) and one (Ashlar) is out.  So I think we will go with Copper Bay:

I know the picture stinks – I hate those flash displays.  You can’t steel a good picture from them.  There’s a better one on their website. Go to ->Our Stone -> Exterior -> exterior walls and fireplaces if you want to see it.

The Roof is supposed to now go on Thursday and Friday.  Of course there is a 60% chance of rain on those days.  mason’s should be bricking Monday, which is really Tuesday or Wednesday if you factor in Labor Day and the Hang over.

Cabinets are waiting on the Appliances, Malcolm’s in Lost Wages bc he is the Brand Source National President.    Appliance’s are waiting on Malcolm.

We need to decide between Red and White Oak Floors.  I don’t know what the difference is. Do You? One is Red and one is White I am guessing.


August 26, 2008

The Plumbers were hard at it today laying pipe. (he he)  They think it will take four or five days.  I walked around with the one plumber today to tell him where I wanted my Hose Bibs.  That translates to outside Spigots for us now plumbers types. The roofers are supposed to come on Thursday to put on the shingles.  I doubt it will happen bc it is raining.  Hasn’t rained in two months, but it is raining when they have to put on my roof. I meet the HVAC guy tomorrow to work out thermostats, Returns, Zones and the like.  Signed the deal with the cabinet guy today.  Faxed everything off and did not hear back from him.  Now we have to decide if we want Red Oak or White Oak Floors.  I don’t know what the difference is except I bet one is Red and one Is White?

Made some progress on all of the porches.  The screened in porch is the second incarnation – I don’t know what happened to the first pass.  It was there Friday, gone Monday,  Back Tuesday.  Looks like this one is here to stay since they put on the Tyvek.

Screened Porch

Covering for the back porch

Front Porch taking shape

Back Porch

August 25, 2008

There used to be a restaurant in MB SC called the Back Porch.  I can remember going there as a kid.  They put some sort of sap on their baked potatoes that made them hard as a brick but after you waiting in line for 45 minutes to eat there, who cared?

We too shall have a screened in back porch.  On it we shall eat better tasting potatoes.

This one gets its own Post

August 25, 2008

So, we are building the house for the kids.  More room, kids in the nieghborhood, walk to Grandma’s and G Dad’s house.  All that.  I get two garage stalls and somehow convinced Suz W to let me have a treehouse/ Manroom on the Third floor for those oh so nice Sunday afternoon golf naps.  I can’t wait to sneak up there and listen to a Tradition unlike any Other or Watch the Wolfpack as they grow to dominate the ACC in both football and basketball.   (Maybe I am dreaming right now, we are starting a redshirt freshman QB Vs. Spurrier at SC on national TV Thursday night– Yikes!)  Anyway.  the stairs are in to the walk up attic and man room!

Now, where did I put that Kegerator?

Laying Pipe

August 25, 2008

So, I knew that the masons were supposed to start this week if the framers got everything ready.  I rode by at lunch time and the masons were unloading their truck and some scaffolding and a mixer.  Should see some progress on that front soon.   as long as they deliver the bricks….

Since the framer’s finished most of the outside of the house, I was excited to see think that they would be forming up some of the things left undone inside the house so I went back by after work.  There must have been 30 people there at lunchtime.  As I was making a right onto our street, I saw a plumber leaving  – the name on the door looked familar but I see alot of construction trucks.  I was shocked when I walked into the house and saw this:

the Boys tub

The Boys sinks were roughed in:

The Girls tub was there

Our sink

the Half Bathroom

Where the Fridge will go

and in the garage was our big garden tub that the kids think is a pool

All this was a complete shock.  When we built the house we are in now, we never had two crews here in the same week, let alone two in the same day.  Now, Mr Tozer has a Masonry crew, framing crew and a Plumber here all at on the same day?  Awesome.

On a side note, we did have the first Uh Oh today.  The Window in the master bathroom (over the pool tub) was supposed to be frosted so that it did not show my William to everyone in the hood.  Len talked with the Window guys at Stock Building supply and it will be taken care of.  So nice to have a contractor who knows what is going on.

more windows

August 23, 2008

the side door is in

Ava’s window

roof for the screened porch

great room windows

Wrap and windows

August 19, 2008

No updates the next few days BC I am traveling. Stopped by today to see that the framers have stopped working on the attic and have wrapped the house and started setting the windows. I think they want to get the windows up this week so the masons can start next week. The head framer said he has 8 more days.

How to be a good neighbor

August 17, 2008

Let’s not get off on the wrong foot here, I know it’s a construction site, but that does not give you free reign to dump you yard waste on it.

Random doors just showed up

August 17, 2008

Looks like it will be a while before we need these