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One lonely Picture

September 28, 2008

I was going to take more but my little angels think that the Digital camera is a play toy.


Update Sept 25th 2008

September 25, 2008

Len and I spent an hour at the house yesterday talking about some concerns, changes and me  ragging him about how the WOLFPACK smoked the Pirates.  Actually, he was pretty humble about everything so I did not go for the throat.  Suzy and I had a “discussion” about reworking the entry way from the garage to give us 4 – 6 cubbie holes for kids books, sports equipment, shoes and coats.  We compromised on taking a cabinet out of the laundry room and doing it there so it is out of sight.  That means we had to move 4 light switches, 2 recepticals, a heat duct, a three foot section of wall and a partridge in a pear tree, but Len showed us again why he is great:  he just said “OK, we’ll get it done” and the electrician started moving the switches.

The real reason I wanted to meet with Len was to talk about how the mortar on the back of the house looks like turd.  That’s about the best thing I can say about it.  Our mortar should be white but it is very much gray between two of the doors on the back of the house and on the corner of our bedroom.  If the colorblind kid can tell it looks off color, it’s off color.  when I got there, Len and the mason were already talking about it and it seemed to have been resolved.  The mason made a cursory defense that it would dry and lighten then launched into the speech I am sure he had just heard about if I wanted it corrected I was the customer and he would make it right.  So I am guessing they are going to tear out a large section of the brick work on the back of the house sometime in the next two weeks to redo the Mortar or at least grind out a section of it and replace it with White mortar.

Other updates are the we are going to bite the bullet and put flooring in some more of the attic space for storage, we added another closet in the bonus room and the Fireplace Inserts (referenced here) are sitting around getting ready to be put in.  I will try to get everyone a picture when they go in.

Its pouring rain here, hope you are dry where ever you are.


September 25, 2008

Great Room: Half Bath Cabinets:

Keeping Room:

Kitchen Cabinets

Laundry Room:

Girls Bathrooms:

Boys Bathroom (Guest shares)

Master Bathroom:


Updated from the road

September 20, 2008

We are on the way to the ECU superbowl but we had to stop by to pick up some siding samples at the house so I took these shots:

More Bricks

September 18, 2008

It has rained off and on a lot this week but the Mason’s are still going strong.   The Electricians are putting the wiring in for the lights, receptacles and the switches.  Most of the heating duct work is in.  I think that the electricians should finish around the middle of next week.  Then, Insulation and Dry wall!

Suzy and I head to K town tomorrow morning with the boys to talk about cabinets.  I will keep you posted.  I made arrangements for the security system and house sound/ stereo wiring this week and we were actually UNDER budget on both of those items!  What a nice change of pace being under budget is for once.

We found another Oopsy this week regarding where the shower head was supposed to be located but we caught it all in time.  I also asked that we move two vents because one was in a prominent place in a hall way to our bathroom and I just know I will hit it in the middle of the night as I wander in to potty.  The other was in our bedroom and I felt like a dresser was going to need to go in that spot.  The guys were very nice and accommodating as I asked them to move those items.  Of course I have not gone back over to see if they did what I asked?  maybe at Lunch today?

Bricks, HVAC, Plumbers, Electricians and Security Guys

September 11, 2008

A Good Supervisor is important on any job.  We have an excellent one pictured below.  I did her hair, but she wanted it that way.  She did wear it to school like that too because she thought it looked good. Yep, that’s a braid on one side, Pony tail on the other.  That is how Big A Rolls.

This week, the Brick masons have been cranking.  The Back of the Garage is done and most of the back of the house itself is done.  I would expeect that they will be working on the front of the house this afternoon and I’ll try to get some pictures.

The Heating and air conditioning guys have most of the Duct work done downstairs.  The Plumbers have most of the drains in and Pipes for the toilets.  The Electricians and Security guys are stringing wire around so there is a lot going on.

We expect to see the first draft of the cabinets early next week.  I’ll post the scans if we get them.  Take care

Broadcasting live from Tropical Storm Hanna

September 6, 2008

The Roof was supposed to be on yesterday in anticipation of a smidge of rain.  There was an 80% chane of rain yesterday afternoon and a 90% chance of rain last night.  yes, it is raining now, sideways, at 50 mph.  Anyone want to fly a kite?  I hope everyone is OK?

so I went by to check on the roof after 5 yesterday.  it looks done except for some flashing and the little jut that goes out over our bedroom.  although it had raining a good bit during the day, the house was dry.

The Mason’s had continued to put up bricks.  It appears that they have made it around the house up as high as they can reach.  After that, they started on the back of the garage.  Being a blue suite, red tie conservative, I tended to gravitate towards traditional red blrick, but I really like the way this lighter brick is turning out.

The Plumbers have been by some more and you can see that the pipes are in under the house for the toilets, shower drains and kitchen sink.

The framers have to be almost finished.  They have the flooring in the attic and it looks like they have almost finished the false walls that will go above our fireplaces.

Everything looks good.  I wish we had that one missing window in for the room above the garage before the storms roll in, but there is not much I can do now!

More from the man room

September 3, 2008

Mighty mighty, she’s lettin’ it all hang out

September 3, 2008

I never thought about it, but they can really make some time until they have to put the scaffolding up.  Here is the  doors to the storage room outside.

back of the garage

Back of the house


September 1, 2008

I think Suzy finished up her appliance choices yesterday.  We tried to stop by the store Saturday afternoon but the ECU  vs Va Tech game was on and it was really obvious that all the sales guys did not want to help us.  I understand, it was perhaps the biggest victory in ECU Football History when you stand here and look back.  But at the time, It was 14 – 0 Va Tech and I wanted to spend a couple thousand on Appliances.  I am sure they get some of that in commission.  Unless you know a bookie, ECU football does not pay commissions.

So, here are the things we (er um  Suzy) selected:



Microwave/ Hood – Thanks for the advice Beth


We also ordered a dish washer and trash compactor from Kitchen Aid.  Thanks to G Mom for the recommendation. on that Brand.  We think we are going to break bad and get these last two items as “panel ready” .  That loosely translates into “no on will ever be able to find the trashcan”.  Have a great labor day.