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All Warm and Fuzzy

October 27, 2008

I could not stand it.  I had to go by the house today and see what was happening.  The guys who are putting up the insulation were all “hanging out” in the garage and scrambled to their feet when I got out of the car.  The “Boss man” jumped out f his truck and walked with me up the driveway.  He asked him in Broken spanglish

Bossman:   Is this was your house?.

J Dub:  Yes

Bossman:  Wow, big house for you.

J Dub:  Well, Ive got a lot of kids!

Bossman:  How many

J Dub:  4

Bossman:  Where you from?  You are not from around here if you have for kids.  White folks only have 2!  Holds up two fingers to show me how many Dos is in fingers.

J Dub:  When they come in pairs, you rack them up quickly.

Bossman to all of his co workers:  White (guy) has four kids!!!!!!!!

Anyway.  Twins seem to be the order of the day.  I heard today that an old friend of mine, who I have sorta lost touch with but we spent a lot of time together as teenagers, is having twins on March 8th.  Since he was the consummate bachelor, that is a big step for him.  At least we had two singles first.

Anyway, here are the photos I took after I found out the correct ratio of children.

Downstairs Choas:

Play Room:

Ava’s Room:

Boys room:

Oh, its Witt Thomas if you want to know.- JW


Floors, Electric Feel (MGMT?), Insulation and Trim

October 23, 2008

We had the final final walk through with the Electricians yesterday.  I put in a few lights, moved a few things and found a couple of points of concern that were all fixed by lunch time today when I went by.  I went by to pick up the Trim Samples for the Vinyl siding that I posted below. I actually met the Trim guy, Paul, and we talked about some of the concerns we both had.  I think we are going to use 5 inch panels instead of 7 inch, but no big deal. He should start next week.

Also starting next week are going to start putting the insulation into the walls.  That should take 3-4 days and then need an inspection.  After that – SheetRock!  By the boys baptism, we should have a real good sense of how the house is going to feel with walls.

Here are some updated pictures of the floors.  I like

The Kitchen towards the keeping room (pipes are where the kitchen sink will be):

Down the hall from the Garage towards the entryway

Living Room.

I’m just floored

October 18, 2008

Stopped by yesterday to check on things.  We had to replace the window in the bathroom becuase the wrong one came in originally.  The new one does not have clear glass, so no peekshows, sorry.   When I walked into the house the flooring guys were there laying out all the hard wood floors.  I took a couple pictures but I want to go back over there today to check and see what they got done.  These were taken about 9 yesterday morning:

Dining room from Kitchen

Front door , down the hallway to the living room:

Dining Room

More dining room


October 18, 2008

It just dawned on me that I never posted any pictures of the back porch

Garage has Cement

October 16, 2008

Or it Might be Concrete. Scott Hemink would know the difference but I don’t. It’s hard and it is slippery when it is wet and it is down in the Garage.

By the way, the Pack hosts Florida State tonight on ESPN at 7:30. I will be there in full Red attire.

Updated view from the Outside

October 16, 2008

They are working this week to do some trim work to prepare to put up the boxing. Suzy and I are looking at the Certainteed brand of siding for the Dormers and the Outside trim in the color Snow

Maybe this one in snow (off white for the male readers):

When they filled in the porches they used a bobcat. To make room for that, they had to really clean up the yard so we now can see a good perspective on how the house will look:

Change to the bathroom

October 16, 2008

We made a change to the bathroom this past week from the plans.

We angled off a corner and pushed a wall back about 9 inches. There was a pretty tight squeeze between the shower and the edge of the closet beforehand. Originally, we had planned to put a water heater in that closet but we opted to put it in the attic instead so the closet was very large. Its still 16 inches by 4 feet so plenty big for the towels and 50 bottles of nail polish we store in our bathroom closet.

First week of October 2008 Update

October 4, 2008

We did not do too much on the house this week – Basically stayed out of Len’s way and let him do his thing.  I did go over yesterday and take some pictures.  The house is so clean inside  – that makes me happy!

I took some pictures last week of the fireplace inserts but I never got them up. They still look like this:

Keeping Room

Living Room:

Here is the Chimney Pipe for the Fireplace in the keeping room.

living room – Sorry I took it right into the noon sun.

Here is a shot of the Front Porch from the Front yard.

Here is a shot of the front porch from inside the house:

Here is the side porch from the “driveway”:

Side porch from inside the house:

This week I expect them to work on the back porch, screened porch area and the steps from the garage up into the house.  We are also meetign with Glenn at Kin Ref Cabinets Monday to get that order finalized.  For what its worth, here is the shot of the back of the house where they have cleared away the dirt to build the back porch.