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Hand Prints

February 27, 2009

Today they poured the cement on our Driveway.  We went over at lunch time to put our hand prints in the slab at the back utility door before the cement dried.  Wesley went first.  He’s kinda Ham Fisted so he made a big fist and we had to fight a little to get him to lay it out smooth.  Then, he finally did and I pressed his hand down so it would make an impression.  He promtly took a big scoup.

Nick went next – he didn’t know what to think about it.  Then Ava – no problems.  Megan did hers and then manipulated it a little, she’s a perfectionist…. wonder where she get’s that.  Mom and Daddy followed up.  Rosie did not make the trip.



OK, so anybody wanna buy a house?

February 25, 2009

Well, I guess its real.  Our current home went on the Market today.  The timing of the housing Market could not be worse, but as soon as Wes and Nick get mobile, we are really going to need the space.

Our Neighbor stopped me today on the putting green to tell me that the spec house they are building across the street is going to be 5000 square feet, have an elevator and they are going to ask $850 for it.  I hope that means that having the smallest house on the street helps you sell yours quicker!

Wednesday Driveway update

February 25, 2009

We have decided to put pavers in along the right of way (about the first 12 feet off the road) at the bottom of the driveway.  We are also going to use them on the walk way.  I don’t know which paver we are going to choose (opinions differ) but I do know we are going to use some pavers.

Drove by this morning to see what they did yesterday and took this picture for you.


Window seats

February 25, 2009

Suzy had the great idea of having window seats built under the windows in the play room.  They will not only serve as great storage, but can make stages, cliffs, houses and tents for the kids as they hopefully play in this space.  we are going to put doors on the front to (hopefully) not squish any fingers.

Driveway is forming up

February 25, 2009

Here are some of the Driveway as the guys dug it out to put the cement forms in.

Upstairs Crown Molding

February 25, 2009

I have had these for a couple of days but its hard to type in the HAZMAT suits we are all wearing becuase of a nasty stomach bug.

These are of the upstairs hallway, going to and from the play room.

The Trim guys are MIA again this week, who knows where they are.

Updated view of the Front

February 22, 2009

the Vinyl guys are slower than molasses rolling up hill on a cold winters day.  If standing by a fire barrel, looking stoned and taking a break was an olympic sport, these cats would be Gold Medalists.  But hey, I would not want to do what they do on that ladder all day.

They have finally gotten the front of the house taken care of and are working down the side of the house.  The Whiter White siding does make a differnce and I am glas we got that issue corrected.


Upstairs Closets

February 22, 2009

Sweet Ava and I stopped by the house to check on things.  We have been working hard finalizing a lot of decisions (tile, carpet, working on stain colors) and Mike Dickens has been working hard to complete the upstairs trim.  He is waiting on some supplies – we have laready used up the crown molding for upstairs so we need some more.  In the mean time, he is working to complete the closets upstairs.  He’s basically done.  You can also see examples of the window seats/ toy boxes in the play room.

Driveway lay out

February 19, 2009

Len laid out the driveway last week.  With the gas guzzling Beasts we drive to haul around our team, we could not swing into the garage so we had to re do it.  Suzy and Russell Askew walked through it last Friday and here are the results.

The Orange Line are the ones the Brad Williams drew on the plans.  The Blue ones are what we ended up changing them to now.

Updates have been slow because our house has been like Beirut. Megan got sick Friday. Ava Sunday. I flew out Sunday for a work trip. Painters came Monday to fix some stuff before we try to sell the house house on Westview.   I landed at Midnight Monday. Nick was sick all night Tuesday night. Suzy Wednesday morning. Wesley today. Nice.

Sunday afternoon walk Through

February 10, 2009

It was 72 here on Sunday so we loaded up the entire crew and went to walk through the new house.  This time, we took the good digital camera to take some photos.   They certainly turned out better than the 2 Megapixels from the iFlown (Apple, are you listening…?)

They have done most of the base boards and crown molding upstairs.  They should work on the Closets upstairs this week and then move downstairs.

All the porches are paved.  We are trying to decide between two different moldings in the two story areas.  The new door for the study is here but not installed.  The HVAC equipment is in the corner of the garage.    And there is an updated picture of the front of the house.