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March 13, 2009

Suzy has been working a lot with Russell Askew on the landscaping design and all the fixin’s.  Right now she is trying to decide what pavers to use on the right of way at the bottom of the drive way and for our sidewalk.  We saw a picture of a walkway we liked that took 4 different types of pavers and mixed them in randomly to make a walk way.  It didn’t really look as good in person so we had to regroup a little.  We took this shot of the mixture of the 4 pavers.


in the end, we decided that we did not like two of the pavers.  Especially the one circled.  The reds just did not fit into the sceme of things so we went with a mixture of 70% of the gray one and 30% of the Terra Cota one.

Russell has not done much around the house this week becuase he’s been waiting on us, but he did travel to Jamesville NC to help on the EXTREME Home make Over Project where he had to install a paver driveway with volunteers between 4 and 8 a.m.  All the ladies in my office are Volunteering with the hopes of smelling Tye’s sweaty t shirt.  Thaat Episode Airs May 3rd.


Doors downstairs

March 13, 2009

Like I said, The Trim Crew is working hard downstairs while the Painters are upstairs.  They are hanging all the doors this week and will start molding and baseboards next week.  It’s taking shape.  Each day we get more and more excited about the move.

Stain on the upstairs Molding

March 13, 2009

Let me start by saying that my wife is the most patient person on the face of the planet.  Of course you already knew that because she married me, but another example happened today.  Suzy spent her second 3 hour round looking at lights at Lighting by Design.  The clerk was helpful enough, but each time Suzy arrived at a decision, the clerk woudl say, “well, take a look at this also….” and Cloud the water.  So what could have been an hour was three.  I had to wander off so I would not snap.  that’s why Suzy’s a Saint.

Mike Dickens is back putting up trim at the house and Daughtry Painting is staining upstairs.  These photos show the stained trim in Megan and Ava’s rooms.

Updated Views of the outside of the house

March 7, 2009

Here are some updated shots of the front and back of the house plus  a cutie shot of Ava playingwith teh hand prints on the back slab by the Utility or Storage room.

Some of these I took just to try to remember where we put pipes in under the sidewalks so that we can run electric or drain through them (but not at teh same time!) later on.  Sorry they got mixed in.

Samples of the Stain upstairs

March 7, 2009

Stair Example

March 7, 2009

We finally worked out all the decisions for the stairs at the new house this week.  This photo shows the Newels (wood boxes where things change directions) the Pickets (wrought iron pieces that run Vertical) and the Hand Rail we chose.  We are not going to carpet the steps but chose to have them be hard wood like our floors.


Molding Down Stairs

March 5, 2009

We spent 3 hours yesterday working with someone from Lighting by design trying to pick out lights.   We are feeling a little overwhelmed trying to match cabinets, trim stain, granite, paint (that we have not even picked, furniture which we may or may not yet own, plus finishes on light fixtures.  We came home with no decisions but 10 lbs. of catalogues to look through.  I guess I know what we are doing tonight.

We went by the house this afternoon to look at the Trim stain example against the kitchen cabinets.  Suzy has some pictures I’ll try to get from her.

While we were there we noticed that the Trim Guys had moved down stairs and started hanging doors.  It looks like started at the laundry room and are working their way towards the master bedroom hanging doors.  I snapped this picture of the door to the office: