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Well, I finally asked…

April 29, 2009

I finally asked Len how long we have.  About 2 months give or take.  That positive of that is we can walk back form the Member Guest Tournament party one last time!

He is diligently trying to finish up the house that is the one in front of ours.  I get the feeling it is 15,000 square feet, marble floors and gold patina – not like our heavily childproofed and stain resistant residence – so I think that is drawing a lot of Len’s resources.

After that’s done, we should be great guns at our house.

The one update is that they did finish the pavers on the front walk and driveway.


Grading and the Front Door

April 26, 2009

Prior to laying the pavers, Russell also did some rough grading onthe yard and most of the Debris was picked up.  It kinda looks like a yard now, minus the grass, instead of a construction site.  I also am uploading this shot of the front door from the inside so you can see what a difference the windows in that front door makes as far as light in the front hall way.

Now I’m taking the girls fishing.

Stairs to the Man Room

April 26, 2009

Somehow, I was able to convince Suzy to let me close off a piece of the 3rd floor attic to build a man cave.  I’d like to furnish it with a kegerator, lazyboy and a 60 inch Sony but I know that is not going to happen.  Its going to play Disney and Pixar in constant rotation instead of Golf Channel HD.  This past week I also realized that the 3rd Garage stall that was specked for my 44 year old Dream Car is going to house bikes and Trikes instead.   That’s OK, “the man” took that money back on April 15th anyway.

Sorry, back on topic….  Mike and Gary worked hard on the Steps to the Third floor this week.  I would guess that they will knock out the main stairwell this week.  Like I said before, I took photos each day but then went out of town so I did not post them.  Here’s the progression plus a shot of the man room with its paint color.

Pavers on the Front Walk and Driveway

April 26, 2009

Russell Askew finally started laying Pavers on the Front walk and Right of Way area at the bottom of the driveway.  I took photos each day but got lazy and never actually posted them, so I am going to lump them all into one post.  (Then I am going to   same with the Stairs to the Third Floor too.)  We went through a lot of options on the pavers, but in the end, Suzy came up with a great combination that looks really nice with the Brick as well as dresses the walks up a bit.

Locker Room Update

April 26, 2009

I’m sure I’ve talked about this before, but Suzy came up with this great idea to build a locker room in the Laundry Room to house the Kids Book Bags, Soccer Stuff, Coats, Homework  etc.  We even had little Cubbie Holes built with a Plug in them so that they can plug in their Cell Phone chargers and Ipods (or whatever those Crazy kids have Next).  The Painters got it all primed so I thought I would show you an update.

Updated view of the front

April 19, 2009

Mike and Gary got the front doors put in by Friday. The light coming in the front entrance and hallway really makes a difference inside. I hope it doesn’t rain before we get them all sealed up after watching the neighbors struggle with their door.

Chillin and Grillin

April 11, 2009

Sounds like a Mixer party I probably went to in 1993.


I can not wait to drink a Corona sitting on the back porch, grilling a burger with all of you.

Updated Molding shots from Downstairs

April 11, 2009

I dropped by yesterday morning and took these pictures of the Molding Downstairs.  Honestly, its taking way, way longer than I would have expected.  But the trim guys never show on Monday and rarely work Fridays.  I took these at 9;30 Friday and there were not there.  I know they get paid at Noon so they never work after that.  Monday’s I think they do punch list stuff at the house that is before ours in the queue.

Anyway, their work is taking shape and definitely cleans things up.

Why you should Use Len Tozer as a Builder

April 11, 2009

Here is what makes Len Tozer a great guy to have build your house:

Tornado Damage:  two days after I get the call that the Neighbor’s trampoline had hit the house and that he was “on it”, the Damage is repaired.  No problem.

But last Monday we had torrential rains.  Tuesday or Wednesday, Suzy stopped by the house and the bricks were torn off of the back porch.  She asked what was up and Len had not liked the way some water pooled on the back porch so he had the mason’s come and do it again.  Not because we complained, but just because it was not correct.  He caught it and just made it right. Later on he told me we were not building a bird bath, we were doing a porch so there was not need to have a puddle.

Here are a few shots of the back porch after the “Bird bath” was repaired and the repairs of the tornado damage.  You can also see the built in grill taking shape.

More Paint Colors

April 11, 2009

Megan finally decided that she may like a Purple Room – so she choose a Purplish Blue Color called Lavender Ice.  the Color swatch from the website is below, as is Ava’s Ballerina Pink sample.