Landscaping Update

The landscaping process has drug on longer than it should have.  They finally got some sod down last Wednesday.  It turned out well and if Suzy is happy, I’m happy.  I’m not sure if its Russell’s ability to shoot the breeze or the scope of the project that caused the delays, but it has turned out Great.

When we left last Friday, they were putting the final touches on the yard.  Putting some pine straw out in some beds.

Pinestraw (072409)Askew’s landscaping is going to take care of the maintenance and care of the sod for the first three months to make sure it takes root OK and that I don’t kill it.  The one last thing to do is remove the pebble walkway from the side of the house.  Some opinions are that it looks OK, but the boys spend every second winging the rocks into the yard which causes a maintenance nightmare that I am simply not going to tolerate.  My motto all through this project is that I don’t want to do any maintenance on the outside if I can avoid it.  It’s widely understood that I am not handy and relatively lazy so I don’t want to have to rake up those rocks every day.  Don’t sell yourself short, you’re a tremendous slouch.


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