Long overdue update

Well, we finally moved in on July 17th. That was the first night we spent in the house. All in all, it really went smoothly. The Packers came around 8:30 on Thursday the 16th and we started packing things up. We contracted with Advanced moving and storage to help us pack and move. With the kids, we really did not get as much packed ahead of time as we had hoped. Advanced did not spec the scope of all our stuff properly, but the packers/ movers stuck with it. They packed boxes until about 6:30 Thursday. On Friday, they showed up around 7:45 and started loading the truck. They did not leave until 2 a.m. Saturday morning. We spent the first night in the house Friday night. Its home now.

We had some stuff in storage that we had cleaned out prior to putting the house on the market. They picked it up Monday morning and dropped it off around lunch time.

We are unpacked for the most part. There are a few boxes in most rooms, but we are working through them. We are going to be there a long time so no rush. The kids did really well through the transition. The boys have slept later – Their room is darker or they are darker. Could be either one. We were really concerned that the girls would have a hard time having their own room instead of sharing, but they’ve also done well. Ava is sleeping later, maybe because her sister is not waking her up now. That makes everyone a little happier. The only room we have left to tackle is the office. I’m just scared to face that challenge.


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