We could not have done it without You

Whew, what a journey.  Since we have started this process, we have doubled the number of Kids we have and the number of homes we own.  Our first home that we built was a nightmare process.  Although we did overlap with Hurricane Floyd’s flooding, we still took 18+ months to complete the project.  That home was everything we wanted when we did not have kids and were 25 years old.  Our issues were the management of the process.  Weeks, sometimes months would pass with no progress.  we spent more time on the job site than the contractor.  When we moved in to Westview, we said we would never build another house.  Of course that all changed when Doctor Haslip said:  “Whoops, there’s another!”

This project was completely different.  Everything ran on a tight schedule.  We’d get a call on Friday afternoons with the accomplishments from the previous week and the expectations for the week to come.  If a decision had to be made, we were told who to speak with and when Len needed to know.  When we got there, they new the budget, had most often been to the house to see what our style was, and had some proposals and suggestions for us.  It was a well oiled machine.  Never a conflict and a great process.

Front Finished (072409) 001

And what a great product.  Smooth Process and Under our expected budget.  It’s everything we want, now.  Thanks for building our home Len, where we will have breakfast in the morning, say prayers at night, be a family and raise our children.  Thanks for the great job!


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